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Where to Stay in Tel Aviv? (For Budget Travelers)

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Towers in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a fun city. It has a beautiful beach, lively markets, top-notch museums, and fascinating historical sites. On top of that, you can add many food options for vegetarians, vegans, and meat-eaters, as well as many party venues. That’s what makes Tel Aviv a leading travel destination for a variety of travelers all year long. If you’re planning a visit to Tel Aviv and wondering where is the best place to stay in Tel Aviv – I hope this post will help you find your answer. In short – it depends on what you’re looking for. For more details, keep reading.

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How to pick a place to stay in Tel Aviv?

Let’s start with the basics. When I search for a place to stay, I usually try to find places that are well-located, have good reviews, and of course, fit my budget. Later in this post, I’ll recommend accommodation options that fit these criteria. But everyone has different priorities and needs, so if you’re searching for something else, that’s totally fine.

Here are the questions I ask myself whenever I search for a place to stay in Tel Aviv:

Is it close to the attractions that interest me?

If you already know what you want to do in Tel Aviv, try picking accommodation close to the places you want to visit. Planning a beach break? Look for places near the beach. Want to explore Old Jaffa? Look for places nearby. And if you want to see it all – the best option would be to look for a place to stay around Rothschild Boulevard, which is more or less in the center of all the attractions. From Rothschild Boulevard, it’s about 30 to 60 minutes to all the main attractions in Tel Aviv.

I always open Google Maps and check where the accommodation is located and what’s nearby. If you prefer a farther away accommodation because of the budget, I’d make sure that there is good public transportation nearby. 

Does it have budget-friendly options?

I like to choose budget-friendly accommodations so I can spend my money on more worthwhile things like food and experiences. You may want your accommodation to have dormitory rooms, which are usually the most budget-friendly option. In this case, if you’re a solo female traveler, you might want a female-only dorm. Also, many places in Tel Aviv offer private capsules for solo travelers, which are a bit more expensive than the dormitories but are still a good deal.

Skim through the options and see if the prices fit your budget. Take into account that Tel Aviv is expensive, so anything between 100 to 300 shekels is a good price.

Is it clean?

It’s hard to know if a place is REALLY clean without being there, but you can get some sense of it from the reviews. Don’t just check if the place got a high score. Dive deeper into the reviews and read what people have to say. If many people mention that the place is clean, then most chances are that it is clean. If many reviews mention disgusting things, I wouldn’t go there.

Does it have good reviews?

Again, the reviews. I pay a lot of attention to the reviews. First of all, I check that the accommodation got many reviews. I usually only book stays with at least 100 reviews. And after seeing it has more than 100 reviews, I go over them and try to choose a stay with an average score of at least 8.0. Check if the reviews mention noise problems, unfriendly staff, messy common areas, etc. Put more emphasis on the newest ones.

Image by mcmurryjulie from Pixabay

So, where is the best area to stay in Tel Aviv?

Best for explorers: Near Rothschild Boulevard or Old Jaffa

If you want to explore the sites of Tel Aviv on foot – the area around Rothschild Boulevard is a perfect place to stay. It is within 30 to 60 minutes on foot from most attractions in Tel Aviv, and it’s very close to the Carmel Market.

If you want to focus more on the ancient part of Tel Aviv, then look for a place near Old Jaffa. From Old Jaffa, it’s only about 30 minutes to the Carmel Market and a few minutes from the closest beach, so it’s also quite a central area.

Here are some recommended places to stay near Rothschild Boulevard or Old Jaffa:

  • Abraham Hostel Tel AvivThis is probably one of the best hostels in Tel Aviv. It is right off Rothschild Boulevard and offers a variety of accommodation options, from dormitories to family rooms. There’s also free breakfast, fun common areas, and lots of activities and tours. Read my full review of Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv.
  • Roger’s HouseThis hostel is a little bit farther from Rothschild Boulevard, near the old neighborhood of Neve Tzedek. Still, it’s in a great location, about 20 minutes from the Carmel Market, 15 minutes from the beach, and 15 minutes from Old Jaffa. It has a really cool vibe and is located in an old, preserved building from 1929. Read my full review of Roger’s House.
  • Florentin HouseIf you have a little more budget, you can try this nice hostel in the middle of the Florentin neighborhood, just about 15 minutes from Rothschild Boulevard. When I stayed there, the dorm was clean and cozy. It felt more like a hotel than a hostel.    
  • Jungle JaffaIf you’re looking for a cool and cheap hostel near Old Jaffa, this might be it. Jungle Jaffa is a half-pension hostel offering both free breakfast and free dinner! Other than that, the hostel is quite basic. It’s located a few minutes from Old Jaffa and about 30 minutes from the Carmel Market. Read my full review of Jungle Jaffa.
  • Cinema HotelThis isn’t a hostel, but it’s a great hotel, centrally located next to Dizengoff Square. It is part of the Atlas Hotel chain, one of the less expensive chains in Israel. The rooms are nice, there’s a beautiful rooftop, and they offer snacks in the afternoon.

In my opinion, this is the best area to stay in Tel Aviv:

Map taken from Google Maps

Best for beach lovers: Near the beachfront promenade

If you love the beach and want to make only a few steps till you hit the sand and the water, look for a place near the Tel Aviv-Old Jaffa Promenade. It goes on for about 6 km from Old Jaffa Port to Tel Aviv Port and is dotted with outdoor sports facilities and sitting areas. During the swimming season (usually from April to late October), the beaches have lifeguards that can keep watch while you enjoy the water.

Of course, even if you stay near the water, you don’t have to spend all day on the beach. Other Tel Aviv attractions within walking distance from the beach include the Carmel Market, Old Jaffa, and Rothschild Boulevard.

A nice place near the beach is The O Pod Hotel, a capsule hotel a few steps away from Charles Clore Beach. The capsules are spacious, the design is modern, and the view is fantastic.

I have stayed in the past in a nice hostel near the beach, but unfortunately, that hostel closed due to the coronavirus crisis. Here are some hostels which I haven’t checked yet, but look promising:

  • Selina Tel Aviv Beach This hostel is really close to the seaside, and based on the reviews, it has everything you might need for a great vacation. It’s clean, and there are a lot of amenities. Though some people pointed out that it feels less like a hostel. There aren’t enough opportunities for socializing. Still, the place is new and didn’t get enough reviews to really tell its character.  
  • 180 Boutique Hostel This hostel is right across from the seaside, so the location is excellent. Based on reviews I’ve read, the hostel is overall ok but could be a bit dirty at times, mainly because people come in with sand from the beach.

If you stayed at any of them and want to share your experience – you can post about it in the comments below or email me at [email protected]


Tel Aviv is one of the top destinations in Israel and has many stay options for all types of travelers. If you want to be close to all the main attractions, look for places to stay near Rothschild Boulevard or Old Jaffa. If you want to be close to the beach, look for places along the beachfront promenade. In any case, have a good time!

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