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If you’ve just started planning your trip to Israel – this page is for you. I’ve listed down some recommended travel resources for planning and booking a trip. Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links, which means that I will receive a small commission if you choose to buy something through those links – at no extra cost to you! This will help me keep running the blog and sharing useful information with travelers to Israel. Thank you, and enjoy your planning!

Not sure how to start planning your trip? Read my post about planning a trip to Israel.



Booking.com is one of the easiest accommodation booking platforms. It lets you filter your search very extensively, and it has a huge selection of options. The more you use it, the better prices you’ll find for your future trips.


If you like to stay at hostels, Hostelworld is a great place to search for top-rated hostels in Israel.


Couchsurfing is perfect for travelers on a budget that also want to get to know the locals. It’s free of charge, but you should be polite and thoughtful of your host. There are hundreds of Couchsurfing hosts in Israel, myself included.

And here are some posts that can help you plan your accommodation in Israel:

Where to stay in Tel Aviv?

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Tours & activities

Israel Walking Tours

Israel Walking Tours is my tour website, offering private tours in the main cities of Israel. If I’m not free for a private tour, I can refer you to excellent tour guides who can show you around.

Abraham Tours

Abraham Tours is my favorite tour company for public group tours in Israel. They have a wonderful selection of budget-friendly, high-quality tours all around Israel.


If you love food – EatWith is a great platform to use for unique activities in Israel. One of the best experiences you can look for is Shabbat dinner with a local family.

Packing list for Israel

Not sure what to pack for your trip to Israel? You can use my ultimate packing list – season by season – to make a list that works for your needs.

Getting around


Rentalcars.com is one of the top sites for renting cars around the world. I used it several times for my trips abroad, so I guess it works well in Israel as well.


If you’re planning to use public transport, one of the best apps to plan your routes is Moovit. Just multiply the expected travel duration because it seems like they don’t calculate traffic.

Israel Railways

One of the quickest and most comfortable ways of traveling around Israel is the train. It doesn’t get everywhere, and it isn’t the cheapest option, but it might be useful in some cases. You can plan routes through their website.

If you need more info about transportation and driving in Israel, read my posts:

Full Guide to Public Transportation in Israel

All You Need to Know about Parking in Israel

Travel Insurance

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