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Top Annual Events in Israel – January to June

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Israel is a festive country, full of festivals, events and holidays all year round. In one of my recent posts I’ve given you a list of the main holidays in Israel and tips on how to spend them. Now, just before the new year arrives, here are the top annual festivals and events in Israel from January to June. Even if you aren’t planning to take part in the events, I do recommend you check what events are going on during your dates of travel, so you will be prepared for the crowds or changes in traffic.

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Top January Events in Israel:

Israman Eilat: This full and half iron distance triathlon is one of the biggest and most exciting sports event in Israel. The race includes running, cycling, and swimming. You can gather along the Royal Beach area at the Northern part of the Red Sea to see the swimming segment and cheer the competitors.

Watching the event is for free. Because of the event, some roads might be blocked during the event’s weekend (24-27 of January).

Where? All over Eilat. The swimming segment will take place near Royal Beach.


Official Site: Israman Eilat.

Top February Events in Israel:

International Eilat Chamber Music Festival: A wonderful musical event, hosting international and local chamber music artists. You can also take part in master classes and workshops.

The event requires pre-payed tickets.

Where? Dan Hotel Eilat.

When? This year was in end of January. 

Official Site: International Eilat Chamber Music Festival.

Winter Red Sea Jazz Festival: This musical event is so popular, that it also takes place during summer. During the festival, you will be able to enjoy a variety of jazz concerts and master classes. There are also late-night jam sessions.

The event requires pre-payed tickets.

When? This year between 20-22 of February 2020.

Where? In different venues in Eilat.

Official Site: Winter Red Sea Jazz Festival.

Tel Aviv Marathon: One of the leading sports events in Israel, this multi-course marathon is a great event to watch or participate in. The marathon runs along the beautiful seashore of Tel Aviv and through the main streets of the city. Come and cheer the runners! If you would like to participate in the marathon, you can register through the official website.

Watching the event is for free.

Where? The kick off area is on Rokach Blvd in Tel Aviv.

When? The race will take place this year on 28 February 2020.

Official Site: Tel Aviv Marathon.

Darom Adom Outdoors Festival: “Darom Adom” means “Red South” in Hebrew, because of the colors that the Negev gets during this time of year. Each year after the rainy season, the northern Negev is covered with wonderful scarlet red anemones. This, of course, is a reason to celebrate. For five weekends there are many activities for families travelling to the northern Negev, such as poetry readings, concerts, mountain bike marathons and more. If you won’t get a chance to take part in one of the activities, at least come to see the beautiful flowers.

Where? Throughout the northern Negev.

When? Throughout February.

Official Site: Darom Adom (in Hebrew).

Top March Events in Israel:

International Jerusalem Marathon: One of the biggest marathon events in Jerusalem. During this marathon you’ll see thousands of people running on the streets of Jerusalem, not only as part of the marathon, but also as part of the half marathon and other shorter races. If you aren’t planning on participating in the marathon events as a runner (which is an option if you register beforehand), you’re invited to cheer the runners from the sides of the streets. It’s free.

Because of the event, some roads might be blocked during the different races.

Where? Throughout Jerusalem.

When? The race will take place this year on 20 March 2020.

Official Site: International Jerusalem Marathon.

Tel Aviv Fashion Week: If you’re interested in fashion, you might be interested in participating in this fancy event. To watch the fashion shows, you need to purchase a ticket.

Where? Tel Aviv. Location not yet updated.

When? Not set yet.

Official Site: Tel Aviv Fashion Week.

Open Restaurants Festival Tel Aviv: A culinary event. For more info, check out the official website: Open Restaurants Festival Tel Aviv.

International Birdwatching Festival in Eilat: If you’re fond of birds, this is a festival for you. A bit north of Eilat stands the Birdwatching Park of Eilat. During March, thousands of birds are supposed to arrive in the area as part of their spring migration. Together with bird lovers from all over the world, you can watch the birds in the park and get professional explanations. On other days, the park stands quite empty and there’s usually no one who give explanations, so you might want to leverage this festival.

The entrance is free.

Where? In the birdwatching park north of Eilat. You can walk to the park (about a 40-minutes’ walk) or you can catch any bus going out of Eilat on road number 90 and ask the driver to get off at the Eilot roundabout. From there, you’ll have about a 20-minutes’ walk.

When?  This year between 22-29 March 2020.

Official Site: Birdwatching Festival.

Top April Events in Israel:

Haifa International Children’s Theater Festival: A nice festival if you’re coming to Israel with your kids. During the festival, you will be able to enjoy colorful open-air performances in the area next to the Haifa Municipal Theatre or purchase a ticket to one of the theatre shows taking place inside the theatre.

Where? Haifa Municipal Theatre on 50 Pebzner Street.

When? This year between the 12-14 of April 2020.

Official Site: Haifa International Children’s Theater Festival.

“Zorba the Buddha” Meditation and Dance Festival: Come and celebrate Zorba in the enchanting and relaxing desert. This is one of the best meditation festivals in the area.

You will need to purchase a ticket to take part in the event.

Where? In Desert Ashram in Shitim settlement, on road number 40. There is an option of a shuttle from Tel Aviv. Check that option on their official website.

When? This year between 12-16 of April 2020.

Official Site: Zorba Festival.

Automotor – International Motor Show: If you’re a car lover, this event might be for you. During the event, you’ll be able to enjoy splendid car shows, displaying a variety of cars and motorbikes, including some very special cars.

This event requires a ticket. You can purchase online.

Where? The Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center in Tel Aviv. Reachable by train.

When? Not set yet.

Official Site: Automotor.

Top May Events in Israel:

International Museum Day: Like in the rest of the world, we in Israel also celebrate the International Museum Day, with dozens of museums open free to the public. If you’re interested in visiting museums in Israel, you might want to shift your trip towards May.

Where? Throughout Israel.

When? 18th of May.


Israel Festival: This is a huge interdisciplinary festival known world-wide. The festival includes drama, music and dance performances that require a ticket and free outdoor performances.

You will need to purchase a ticket for the festival.  If you are a student, you get 50{f224ba440c8e8489685f5be0eb52a1764ff3ab93b94d860236479bc3f69cbf7f} off the ticket, so don’t forget to bring your student ID.

Where? Throughout Jerusalem: at the Jerusalem Theatre (20 Marcus Street), Sultan’s Pool (Derech Hevron St. 1), the Israel Museum (11 Derech Ruppin), the Eden-Tamir Music Center (29 Hama’ayan St) and at Zion Square (25 Shamai Street).

When? Not set yet.

Official Site: Israel Festival.

Top June Events in Israel:

Midburn Festival (Israel’s Burning Man): You’re welcome to take part in this 6-days event, during which a temporary city is built from scratch in the Negev Desert. Then, the people live in this city, that allows a communal life style and radical self-expression. This is your chance to experience near-freedom. After 6 days, the city is burned down to the ground, as if it never existed.

You will need to purchase a ticket for the festival.

Where? In the Negev, near the exit from road number 40.

When? Not set yet.

Official Site: Midburn Festival.

Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade: Tel Aviv is known for its gay community and every year during June the city comes to life in magnificent colors as the Gay Pride Parade passes through. Come support the gay community and enjoy the wonderful and fun atmosphere.

Where? The parade leaves from Me’ir Park and ends with a great party at Charles Clore beach.

When? This year the parade will take place on 12 June 2020.

Official Site: Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade.

International Student Film Festival: This is one of the top cultural events in Tel Aviv, promoting academic artistry. It is considered one of the three best festivals of its kind in the world. During the festival you’ll be able to see the works of students from the Tel Aviv University’s Department of Film and Television, but also from other schools around the world. The festive week is filled with interesting films, master classes, workshops, exhibitions and parties.

Where? Tel Aviv Cinematheque, Sprinzok Street.

When? This year the festival will take place between 21-27 of June 2020.

Official Site: International Student Film Festival.

Jerusalem International Book Fair: The Jewish people are known as the “People of the Book”, so it is no wonder that the international book fair is so celebrated in Jerusalem. If you love reading, you might want to walk around the fair’s stalls and get inspired by the many books. You can also try to read the Hebrew titles.

The entrance is free.

Where? The First Station in Jerusalem (David Remez Street 4). Can easily be reached by bus.

When? Not set yet.

Official Site: Jerusalem International Book Fair.

White Night Tel Aviv: A great celebration taking place during one night in Tel Aviv, from the early hours of the evening to the next day. Throughout Tel Aviv you’ll find different exhibitions and activities. This is a very popular event, which draws Israelis from all over the state.

Most events are open for free. Some require a payment.

Where? Throughout Tel Aviv.

When? This year the festival will take place on 25 of June 2020.

Jerusalem Opera Festival: This is a grand opera event, set in the outstanding outdoors of the Sultan’s Pool in Jerusalem.

You will need to purchase a ticket for the festival.

Where? The Sultan’s Pool in Jerusalem.

When? Not set yet.

If you know of any more festivals or events from January to June in Israel, please let me know in the comments.

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