The First Ice Cream Parlor in Eilat

There’s always something new to discover. Today I visited the first ice cream parlor in Eilat, “Pini Lek”, which was opened in the city in 1958. I’ve been living in Eilat for around eight years now and haen’t been to this parlor… It’s located near Mor Centre (מרכז מור), a small commercial centre on Eilot Road, about a 15 minutes’ walk from the touristic downtown city.

It’s a very small parlor, with a few round tables and chairs. You can pick from an average number of flavors and there are also some options for vegans and people who don’t like a lot of sugar in their ice cream. But what makes this parlor special is its special cones. Homemade cones, brought to you in a cup. It looks like a flower. Very strange sight, but delicious. I ordered the special cone, a scoop of cookies ice cream and a scoop of cherry ice cream.

What did I like about this place?

* It’s small and quiet. The parlor does sit on a main road, but not in the touristic side of the city, so not many cars drive by. My friend and I enjoyed a great ice cream and because there wasn’t much noise around, had no problem chatting.

* The ice cream is tasty. Unlike other ice creams, that can taste quite badly, this ice cream was great!

* The price is great! You pay according to weight, so the more your ice cream weights, the more you pay. I paid only 11 shekels for my ice cream (2 scoops). Ice creams usually cost 18 shekels +.

* The ice cream seller was very nice and friendly. 

So if you fancy a good ice cream in Eilat, make your way to this special place, “Pini Lek”. Every Eilati will know how to point you there. Now I do, too.

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