Top FREE Things to Do in Safed

The Visitors Center is where the "Underground Tunnels" sign

Many years ago, when there were no A/Cs in the world, Israeli people would drive in the summer all the way up to Safed to enjoy its fresh and chilly air. Now, when anyone can turn on their A/C at home or at their hotel, they prefer going on vacation to the Dead Sea. But … Read more

Five Things that Make Tzfat Special

Tzfat is a beautiful town, nestled high up in the mountains of the Upper Galilee. Last week, I decided to take my Grandma on a three-days trip to Tzfat, to breathe some great air and enjoy the calm surroundings. The way to Tzfat, in the Nativ Express bus, was so very beautiful: green surroundings, mountains … Read more

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