Hiking the Israel National Trail: From Mashad to the Hermits Mill

The alarm clock rang, and we didn’t get up. After hiking from the Jordan River to Kfar Kisch, we were completely exhausted and our bodies just couldn’t rise from the mattresses. I looked to my left and right and murmured: “Do you want to skip today?” “Yes, yes,” they mumbled back. So, our plans changed. … Read more

Hiking the Israel National Trail: From the Jordan River to Kfar Kisch

After a tough night at Rob Roy, we started the next segment of the Israel National Trail. This time, we planned to reach Kfar Kisch, which was about 20 km away. The segment from the Jordan River to Kfar Kisch starts on a rather flat plain but very quickly begins to climb up the Yavne’el … Read more

Hiking the Israel National Trail: From Migdal to the Jordan River

The trail from Migdal to the Jordan River was one of my favorites. We woke up very-very early, when it was still pitch-black outside, and left the Angel’s rooftop in Migdal. The impressive Arbel Mountain awaited us in the darkness. But later we discovered that it wasn’t the toughest climb along the segment. If you … Read more

Hiking Lower Nahal Amud on the Israel National Trail

The previous day we hiked through Upper Nahal Amud. Now we had to hike through Lower Nahal Amud, all the way to the Sea of Galilee. We woke up before sunrise, as usual, and make our way through the impressive riverbed, which was completely dry. Almost all the way, there were large riverbed stones, which … Read more

Hiking Upper Nahal Amud on the Israel National Trail

After climbing Mount Meron, we rested for half a day near Moshav Meron, at HaPitul Campground. In the evening, another friend joined us at the campground and after a good night’s sleep, we woke up early to start another day before sunrise. This time, our destination was Nahal Akbara Campground, located at the end of … Read more

Climbing Mount Meron on the Israel National Trail

We woke up at Horvat Homama and started climbing Mount Meron. We understood that the best way to start the day is before sunrise, when it’s still dark and pleasant, so we woke up very early. The climb began very quickly, but it was much less difficult than we expected. The first major mountain on … Read more

Hiking the Israel National Trail: From Gesher Alma to Horvat Hamama

After completing the segment from Nabi Yusha to Gesher Alma, we were quite tired and broken. We were all girls, and it isn’t so easy to carry about 12 kilos along a 14-km trail. But we didn’t want to give up after a day, so we woke up early in the morning and continued to … Read more

Hiking the Israel National Trail: From Nabi Yusha to Gesher Alma

Four months have passed since my last hike on the Israel National Trail. Last time, I completed the second segment from Kfar Giladi to Nahal Kedesh. It was summer back then, so it was too hot to continue. This time, my friends and I decided to start hiking from mid-October, which was quite ideal. We … Read more

The Israel National Trail: Ultimate Preparation Guide

Just before the coronavirus arrived, I got the chance to hike for a month on various parts of the Israel National Trail, or in Hebrew, “Shvil Israel.” I was traveling with a large group of people, so when we reached the middle of the trail, the restrictions stopped us. The first half was incredible, and … Read more

Hiking to Lifta: An Abandoned Village Near Jerusalem

About 15 minutes by foot from Jerusalem, lies the stunning, abandoned village of Lifta. I’ve heard about it before, but have never gone to this place. Three days before Israel’s second coronavirus lockdown, I decided to join a friend on a hike from Lifta to Motsa Junction. This 8-km trail is amazing and includes a … Read more

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