“The Best Falafel in Tel Aviv”

I’m not a big fan of falafel, but people here love it. Two days ago I met a young girl who is part of an interesting program named “אחי ישראלי” (or in translation to English: “My Brother is Israeli”). I can tell a lot of interesting stories about our meeting, which took place thanks to CoachSurfing, … Read more

Best June Festivals in Israel

Planning on visiting Israel in June? It’s almost summertime! You might want to know about some of the best festivals going on in June in Israel. Here are three of the best festivals taking place in June: – Israel Festival One of the most important cultural festivals in Jerusalem, founded in 1961. Enjoy many musical, … Read more

An Artistic Tour of Eilat

Almost a year ago I opened a blog called “mark APPoint“. Sadly, I couldn’t find the time to really work on that blog and after a few posts I kind of abandoned it. It’s a shame, because that blog was beautiful. I’m thinking about renewing my work on it. But at the meantime, I have this blog … Read more

The First Ice Cream Parlor in Eilat

There’s always something new to discover. Today I visited the first ice cream parlor in Eilat, “Pini Lek”, which was opened in the city in 1958. I’ve been living in Eilat for around eight years now and haen’t been to this parlor… It’s located near Mor Centre (מרכז מור), a small commercial centre on Eilot … Read more

Buying a Bus Ticket in Israel

Credit: Grauesel CC BY-SA 3.0 from Wikimedia Commons

A few days ago I got a message from a visitor to my site. She said that it could be great if I would have added to the site some info about bus tickets in Israel. Before you read on, just making sure you know that there’s no public transportation during Shabbat and some holidays in … Read more

Greeting You in Tel Aviv – Free Walking Tours

Are you planning on coming to Tel Aviv soon and wondering what’s the best way to see the city? Well, the best way to see it is through a local’s point of view. And that’s why I recommend you to check out the wondeful program – Tel Aviv Greeter. To be honest, I’ve only heard about this … Read more

The Best May Festivals in Israel

In Israel we like to have fun, celebrate occasions, discover new things and just enjoy our time. If you’re planning to come to Israel in May, you might want to know about some of the best festivals taking place in Israel at that time of year. Here are three of the best festivals taking place … Read more

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