Ibrahim’s Peace House in At-Tur

The Way to the Peacehouse

I want to share with you one of the greatest experiences I’ve experienced lately. A few weeks ago I’ve started working with a friend of mine on a new Pilgrimage trail to Jerusalem. He suggested that the trail will pass through the Arab neighborhood, At-Tur, situated on Mount of Olives. “But besides the trail, I … Read more

There’s Going to be Peace in Israel

Peace? In Israel? A few weeks ago I discovered about a movement, that has been active, it turns out, since 2014. The movement is named “Women Wage Peace” (נשים עושות שלום; نساء يصنعن السلام) and it is led by decisive women, Israelis and Palestinians, who want to stop the violence between our two nations.  During two full … Read more

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