Bnei Brak: A Glimpse into the Ultra-Orthodox World

Last month I joined a guided tour in Bnei Brak, the largest ultra-orthodox city in Israel. It’s right next door to Tel Aviv but feels miles away. Kids are walking alone in the streets, all the men are dressed in black and white, all the women wear skirts, and there are no coffee shops. Usually, … Read more

Holidays in Israel and How to Spend Them During Travel

In Israel, we celebrate many holidays throughout the year. Not only Jewish but also Christian, Muslim, and public holidays, all changing the atmosphere in the country for a day or two and sometimes more. In Israel, holidays are about people, families, food. Israelis usually use the holidays to get together with their families. If possible, … Read more

Five Things that Make Tzfat Special

Tzfat is a beautiful town, nestled high up in the mountains of the Upper Galilee. Last week, I decided to take my Grandma on a three-days trip to Tzfat, to breathe some great air and enjoy the calm surroundings. The way to Tzfat, in the Nativ Express bus, was so very beautiful: green surroundings, mountains … Read more

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