Top FREE Things to Do in Safed

The Visitors Center is where the "Underground Tunnels" sign

Many years ago, when there were no A/Cs in the world, Israeli people would drive in the summer all the way up to Safed to enjoy its fresh and chilly air. Now, when anyone can turn on their A/C at home or at their hotel, they prefer going on vacation to the Dead Sea. But … Read more

Top FREE Things to Do in Acre

 I visited Acre last month and didn’t have time to write down what I think of it. Now I have a few minutes, so… Acre is amazing! I have visited Acre (called Akko in Hebrew) a few times in the past, but this time I was truly astonished by its beauty. This small city, sitting … Read more

Top Free Things to do in Tel Aviv

So, after Jerusalem and Eilat, I’ve decided to write about the top free things to do in TEL AVIV, the city that never sleeps! Here are my top picks: 1- Have fun on the beach: Tel Aviv is famous worldwide for its fantastic beachside, that stretches over a length of around 13.5 kilometers along the … Read more

Top Free Things to do in Eilat

Eilat is a perfect destination for those of you seeking for some sea and sun and beautiful hiking trails. Here are some of the best free things you can do in Eilat: 1 – Enjoy the Red Sea: The Red Sea is the center of the city. We Israelis love going to the sea, swimming, … Read more

Top Free Things to do in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is full of great attractions and a lot of them are free of charge! Here’s a list of the top free things to do in Jerusalem: 1 – Visit the Old City: The entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem is free of charge. Enter through one of the ancient gates and make your … Read more

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