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Pub Crawling Tel Aviv – the City That Never Sleeps

by backpackisrael
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Tel Aviv is one of Israel’s main cities. With all of its business centers, hi-tech companies and cultural centers, it is one of the leading cities in the WORLD.

Last week, I’ve decided to spend three days in Tel Aviv and try to feel like a tourist. As far as I know, tourists find Tel Aviv attractive thanks to its beautiful beaches, its great food, Old Jaffa and… the WILD NIGHTLIFE! So, to get to know the nightlife of Tel Aviv, I joined D-TLV Pub Crawl on a crawl through some of Tel Aviv’s top night venues.

What to expect?

With D-TLV Pub Crawl you get to know four of Tel Aviv’s best night venues, meet new people and party till the early morning. The pub crawl begins around 10:30 PM. A local guide meets you and guides you through the places, while giving you drinking games and challenges along the way. There are also some free chasers and other surprises!

Some Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Drinking alcohol in Israel is permitted only from age 18.
  • To enter the bars and clubs in Tel Aviv you might need to pass through a security check.
  • The nightlife is the wildest on the weekends, from Thursday to Saturday.

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The Pub Crawl

Jackie’s Pizza Bar

This place was our meeting point at Rothschild Boulevard 39. It’s a nice place to start the night, with music that isn’t too loud, pizza, drinks and football games all over the screens. If you’re looking for a cool place for late dinner – this is a great choice!

Sputnik Bar

From Jackie’s we followed our local guide to the first bar of the pub crawl – Sputnik. We got in through the VIP line and entered a huge space full of people, sitting around tables and enjoying their drinks with friends. We were led to an inner room, where it was less crowded and got some beer.

Sputnik Bar is a chill-out place, with good music and drinks. Besides the inner rooms, there’s also a huge garden. If you want to sit down on a cup of beer and listen to your new friends’ stories, this bar will sure do the trick!

After hanging out for some time we got some chasers and were out to our next night venue.

ZooZoo Club

Well, this was my favorite. When we got here around midnight, the place was packed with party people. The music was loud and awesome, and people were dancing all around the bar AND on the tables! “ZooZoo” in Hebrew means “move”, and people were surely moving. If you’re looking for a place to go crazy and dance on the bar – ZooZoo could be a perfect fit.  


Lima Lima

Then we went a short walk to Lima Lima, a huge dance bar. When we entered, a cloud of mist greeted us. Lima Lima brings the vibe of South America to Tel Aviv, with a huge open space designed like a rainforest and a huge dancing floor. We took our chaser from the bar on the dancing floor and then kept on dancing until early morning. There’s another bar in the rainforest area, so if you just prefer to smoke, drink and chill out, there’s also an option.

Lima Lima Dancing Floor

Kuli Alma

Near 2AM we reached Kuli Alma, our last stop. It’s a super huge place, that has plenty of options for an ultimate nightlife experience. If you want to just drink and chill out – there’s an open space for that, with a great variety of drinks. If you want to dance all night long – there are dance floors just waiting for you. And if you’re into art, the place is covered wall paintings and there’s even an art gallery open all night long. People say the pizza is great as well!


Those were the night venues of that night. If bars and dance clubs are your thing, and you don’t know where you can hang out in Tel Aviv, I highly recommend joining a pub crawl for the ultimate nightlife adventure!

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