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Plan Your Trip to Israel

by backpackisrael

Shalom! This is Lior from Backpack Israel. Are you planning to visit Israel soon? That’s great. In my blog, you can find plenty of information that can help you plan a trip to Israel. For example – 11 Steps to Planning Your Budget Trip to Israel.

If you’ve already read through the blog and still feel a bit confused, I’m here to help. I’m a local tour guide in Israel. I’ve traveled all around Israel, have passed through many hostels and campgrounds, and would love to give you some guidance for your upcoming trip.

“Lior helped me sort out the Egged Bus online booking web page for trips between Jerusalem and Eilat. The online booking process is in Hebrew, so I followed her instructions as posted on her backpackisrael webpage and she helped me further just to make sure I got it right. The online booking for this route is a common struggle for those wanting to reserve their place on this popular route. With Lior’s website and her personal help it all worked out great!” – Steve from Canada

How Can I Help?

I can help you create a detailed plan for your trip to Israel. If you don’t want an itinerary and just want to ask a question, you’re welcome to message me by email – lior@backpackisrael.com – or through my Facebook Page.

How Does it Work?

  1. Fill in the form below.
  2. I will respond to you within 48 hours with a more detailed questionnaire.
  3. I will send you the payment details.
  4. After payment is received, I’ll get to work.
  5. Within 10 days, you will receive a detailed, personalized first-version itinerary for your trip to Israel.

What’s Included?

  • Day by day itinerary based on your needs and interests
  • Budget accommodation recommendations
  • Detailed transportation options between destinations, including maps
  • One or two budget restaurant recommendations per day
  • Additional information based on your questionnaire responses
  • Budget tips
  • One round of changes to the itinerary based on your feedback
  • 30-minutes Skype call to go over the itinerary – Optional – extra 15 USD

If you aren’t looking for budget stays or restaurants, I can also recommend high-budget places.


40 USD for each day plan. Discounts will be given for plans of more than 5 days.

Trip Itinerary Request:

Just fill in the following form or email me at lior@backpackisrael.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP: