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New Hostel in Jerusalem City Center

by backpackisrael
One of the Dorms

Last week I had a chance to visit a new hostel that just opened in the Jerusalem City Center. It’s called Rich’s Place in the City Center and seems like a perfect place to stay for those of you looking for a clean and friendly hostel in a great location! Here is what I have to say about it:

Great Location: As its name implies, Rich’s Place is located in the City Center of Jerusalem, on Ben Yehuda 42, opposite of a shop called גרפוס (“Grafos”) and next to a small grocery store. It is a 2 minutes’ walk from Ben Yehuda Pedestrian Street, which is full of great restaurants and shops, and about a 5 minutes’ walk from Mahane Yehuda Market (the “shuk”). It’s a 30 minutes’ walk to one of the greatest attractions, the Old City of Jerusalem. You can also easily use the light-rail train, located about a 5 minutes’ walk from the hostel, to get to most main attractions in the city.  So… Yeah, it’s a great location!

The White Doors Leading to the Hostel

The White Doors Leading to the Hostel

There’s No Elevator: The white door next to the black sign saying “Ariel Atari Law Firm” leads to a staircase, that goes up to the second floor, where the hostel is located. There are about two dozen stairs and no elevator, so if you have a problem going up and down stairs, you should take this into consideration.

Nice and Friendly Staff: I didn’t have too much time to spend with the staff, but I was able to meet Yaacov, the manager of the hostel, and got a feeling that he really cares about the place and wants to make sure it keeps getting better (they’re only in their third week, more or less). A couple of people checked-in when I was there and he welcomed them in a very friendly manner. I also got a chance to meet Rich, who was very friendly as well.

The Rooms are Clean, the Beds are Comfy and There are Lockers: When I came, it seemed very clean. All rooms in the hostel are dormitories. The thick mattresses all looked new and felt great. And if you want to store something, there are private lockers which you can use in every room. There are also seperate toilets and showers, a short walk from the rooms.

One of the Dorms

One of the Dorms

Doors Aren’t Locked: First of all, the main door that leads to the hostel isn’t locked. That was a bit troubling for me, but Yaacov reassured me that there is always a staff member sitting in the reception room. Then I asked about the dorms and they too can’t be locked. Yaacov said that’s because they are dorms and so there’s always someone coming in or out. For vauables, there are the lockers. In my view, the fact that no door is locked is a bit problematic and maybe the only downside of this hostel.

Cozy, Homey Atmosphere:  The moment you enter you feel like you’ve entered a house, and a really nice one! The ceiling is quite high, the walls of the “living room” are made of wood and there are dining tables covered with a tablecover that reminds me of the tablecover back in my grandma’s house (which is a good thing)! There’s also the mini-kitchen are, with a huge refrigerator, a microwave and a stove cover, and a tea and coffee corner with a toaster.  Yaacov said they might change the place’s design soon, but I actually really like how it looks right now!

The Dining Tables

The Dining Tables

The Tea and Coffee Corner

The Tea and Coffee Corner

Some more Details:

  • Prices at the moment (April 2018) start at 79 Shekels for a night, which is an awesome price!
  • The hostel offers free breakfast, which includes some bread, a few vegetables and spreads.
  • At the moment, the hostel offers a Shabbat dinner on Friday eve (at an additional price). It’s a great opportunity to experience the special atmosphere of the Shabbat with locals and travellers alike! Hope they will add new activities soon.
  • Alcohol is not allowed in the hostel, so if you were fantasizing on a bar, forget it.
  • Smoking is also not allowed in the hostel.
  • If you want to breathe some fresh air, there’s a small porch near the entrance door. The view is of Ben Yehuda Street, which isn’t a great view, but it can be refreshing to sit there with some friends and chat together.
20180426_170135 (1).jpg

The Small Porch

Bottom line is that this hostel looks promising. They’re less than a month in the business, so I suppose they will change some things in the future, but overall the basics look great! I hope to see more hostels open in Jerusalem in the upcoming year. It’s always a blessing!

You can book a night in Rich’s Place in the City Center by sending an email to richandgidon@gmail.com. And don’t forget to tell me how was your experience!

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