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My Name Means Something

by backpackisrael

When I was travelling around South Africa, I met many locals, working in the different reserves and wildlife rehabilitation centers. They had wonderful names. The names I remember clearly are Lovemore and Pretty. When I met Western travellers, they were really impressed by the names, too. You won’t hear many names like these in Europe or the USA.

But when I thought about it a little more, I realized that names with meaning are also very common in Israel. My name, for instance, is Lior (ליאור) and it’s built from two Hebrew words, that can also be names by themselves: Li (לי) and Or (אור). “Li” means “For me” and “Or” means “Light”. So my name put together with those two words means “I have a light”. That’s me – “I have a light”. My name means something.

Now… there are many other beautiful names in Israel. Haim (חיים) means “Life”, Aviv (אביב) means “Spring”, Yael (יעל) means “Ibex”, Roni (רוני) means “My Happiness” or “My Song” – and they are all very common names. So is Adi (עדי) meaning “Jewel” and Ofek (אופק) meaning “Horizon”.  I can go on and on… almost every Israeli has a meaning behind his or her name. When you meet one, feel free to ask. You might hear a nice story.

Yours, Lior

Does your name have a meaning, too? Feel free to share it with me in the comments (:

I’ve also opened a new Facebook page, so you’re welcome to like it and ask any questions you want there! 

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