HaYarkon 48 – Nice Hostel for Beach Lovers in Tel Aviv

Last week I decided to take a trip to Tel Aviv and stay overnight. I searched the web for a good located hostel and found HaYarkon 48. Without a doubt, its greatest plus is its location. Beach lovers would love it, because it is just a few feet away from the beachside. After one night in the hostel, here are the main things I have to say about it:

Again, I want to emphasize that HaYarkon 48’s location is awesome! It is about a minute from beautiful Jerusalem Beach, about 5 minutes from the Carmel Market (where clothing, home accessories and food are sold) and a 10-15 minutes’ bus drive from almost every main attraction in Tel Aviv. The area is also full of great restaurants and some minimarkets.

Just a few steps from the hostel…

The dorms are big and clean. I slept in a 6-bed female-only dorm and didn’t feel too crowded. Maybe it was because we were only four in the dorm. There are three bunk beds in the dorm. When you check in, you are assigned a dorm and a bed (if you care which bed you sleep in – write a request for it when ordering a bed in a dorm). My bed at the bottom level of the bunk was comfortable. Also, the dorm was clean when I got there. But, there are a few problems with the dorm:

  • There is only one light in the dorm and no personal lights, so if someone wants to sleep, the ones that are awake can’t have lights on.
  • All the electricity sockets are in one place. There are no electricity sockets near each bed, which means you can’t sit comfortably on your bed and surf your phone while charging it.
  • The dorm’s porch is linked to all the other porches of the other dorms. You can see this as a plus for easy socializing, but this also means less privacy and if you leave the porch door open for air to come in, someone can easily come in from the other dorms. We left the porch door open all night and everything was fine, by the way, but you never know.
  • It’s really hot! Although there is an A/C it didn’t seem to work properly and the fan didn’t really help as well. Only in the evening we could open the porch and let some chilly air come in.
  • No lockers in the dorm!

The female-only dorm

Lockers are for rent. I want to write a bit more about the locker issue. When you check in you are provided a very small storage box near the reception desk. If you need more space for storage, you’ll need to rent a locker for 15 NIS a day. Most importantly, there are no lockers in the rooms. They are all located on the ground floor, which means you’ll need to go down every time you need something from there. Maybe consider bringing a lock for your luggage instead of renting those lockers.

There are three floors and no elevator. If you thought it was easy going up and down the floors, think again. If you’re not in great shape, you will surely be after a few nights here, especially if you’ll get the dorm on the highest floor. Ask for a room on a lower floor if you have problem climbing stairs.

Towels are for rent as well. If you didn’t bring a towel, you can rent one for 3 NIS. You can change it to a beach towel whenever you want. Towels are not provided for free.

So what is provided for free? The WiFi is free and works well. Bed sheets and pillows are also free. And… I think that is all.

I really liked the showers, by the way. They have showers on each floor and the showers are very-very spacious and clean. There’s a great flow of hot water.

Breakfast is do-it-yourself. You get all the ingredients and equipment, but need to prepare it yourself. If you look on the positive side, you can prepare breakfast as you like it – make your own omelet and so on… it’s also a great way to socialize with other guests – help them turn on the gas and the toaster and so on. But keep in mind that the sooner you come, the better. Most people wake up late and then the kitchen can get crowded. You get eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, bread, cheese and chocolate and can do whatever you like with these. You also have a tea and coffee stand that is available for free all day long.

The dining area

This is quite a quiet hostel. While I stayed here I saw a few people in the lounge and the kitchen area, but there weren’t parties and people talked in a nice and quiet way. People also didn’t make noise on the upper floors, so I had no problem sleeping. The hostel’s crowd is a mixture of young and old. If you’re talkative, you will have a chance to meet a large range of people here from all ages and statuses.

Hostel staff were nice and helpful. Itai at the reception desk was happy to explain everything there is to know about the hostel and also was helpful when I was searching for a place to buy food. Sometimes the reception is very busy and then it is hard to get the staff’s attention, but overall, they are great. One of them let me keep my locker a bit after check-out hours, because I wanted to see a bit more of the city.

To sum it all up – HaYarkon48 Hostel is a basic but satisfactory place to stay, just a few feet away from the wonderful beachside of Tel Aviv. If amenities are less important to you and you’re more interested in a perfect location, this hostel is a great choice for you!

This review was written June 2018. If anything has changed, please update me.

Hope you have a great time in Tel Aviv!

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