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Greeting You in Tel Aviv – Free Walking Tours

by backpackisrael

Are you planning on coming to Tel Aviv soon and wondering what’s the best way to see the city? Well, the best way to see it is through a local’s point of view. And that’s why I recommend you to check out the wonderful program – Tel Aviv Greeter.

To be honest, I’ve only heard about this program a few days ago, when I stumbled upon “Live, Laugh, Leipzig”, an interesting blog written by a couple who jumped for a short visit to Israel. I highly recommend checking out their impressions from Israel. Very valuable info in there…

So, back to Tel Aviv Greeter. The couple from “Live, Laugh, Leipzig” loved the concept. I myself haven’t used the program, so they are the only ones that can really recommend it firsthand.

I did take a look in the program’s website. The service is given to foreign travellers by Tel Aviv residents, who love their city and want to show you around for free. There is no tipping policy as well. They will show you around the city for about 2-3 hours and then you can start wandering around by your own.

How do you get a Greeter? You need to fill out a form through the official website of the program, preferably at least three weeks before your planned visit, so that the organizers can try to match you the perfect Greeter.

The official “Tel Aviv Greeter” website: http://www.telavivgreeter.com/.

Did you use “Tel Aviv Greeter” while traveling in Israel? Do you know of some other cool program that can help budget travelers? I will be happy to hear about your experiences in the comments or here- through my contact form.

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