Money Saving Tickets and Codes for Israel

Israel is a beautiful and fascinating place to visit but is also quite expensive for the average backpacker. In this post, I’ve gathered some money-saving tickets and codes that might make your trip to Israel a bit more affordable. If you know of any others, let me know through my Facebook Page or leave a comment below. … Read more

Israel: All You Need to Know Before you Go

Throughout the last three years, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people planning their trip to Israel. So now I’ve decided to put all my answers in one post. Here is all you need to know before your trip to Israel. If I forgot something, let me know. Check out my FREE app … Read more

Understanding Israeli Money

You must have heard that Israel is an expensive country. That is true. So, one of the most important things you need to understand before coming to Israel is the value of the different banknotes and coins of Israel. Let’s begin with the basics of money in Israel: The local currency is the Israeli Shekel (ILS) … Read more

5 Places that I Love in Israel

This evening we will celebrate Tu B’Av in Israel. This Jewish holiday is corresponding to Valentine’s Day. It’s the holiday of love. So on this special occasion, I want to share with you 5 places that I trully love in Israel. There are more places I love, of course, but let’s leave them for next … Read more

The Ultimate Summer Guide to Israel

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links, meaning I get commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. All the recommendations are my own. The Israeli Summer is already here! Summer in Israel takes place from June to September. I would recommend traveling to Israel in the … Read more

A New App for Israel Travel

Article Update – 3 November 2019 Hello everyone! Would like to tell you about a new travel app focusing on Israel, which might help you before and during your trip to Israel. Its name is “Travel Israel by Travelkosh”. Get Travel Israel by Travelkosh on Google Play.   Get Travel Israel by Travelkosh on iTunes.  The app is … Read more

Entering Israel By Air – All You Need to Know

There are three ways to get into Israel: by land, by sea, and by air. Most people enter by air, so I figured you might be one of those people. In this post, I’ve covered all you need to know about entering Israel through the airport. So, are you ready to take off?! Post lasted … Read more

There’s No Public Transportation on Shabbat

I had to take care of two of my friend’s cats the other Saturday. She lives in quite a remote neighborhood of Jerusalem named Gilo. Someone was able to give me a lift to Gilo in the I’ll begin with a story. A few years ago, I had to take care of my friend’s cats. She … Read more

Israel – The North or The South?

“Should I visit North or South Israel?” – That’s a hard question, and lately I’ve heard many people ask it. Almost all people include Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and the Dead Sea in their travel plans. But then they might have a couple more days and wonder where to spend them… The North or the South? Here are … Read more

Buying a Bus Ticket in Israel

Credit: Grauesel CC BY-SA 3.0 from Wikimedia Commons

A few days ago I got a message from a visitor to my site. She said that it could be great if I would have added to the site some info about bus tickets in Israel. Before you read on, just making sure you know that there’s no public transportation during Shabbat and some holidays in … Read more

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