The Israel National Trail: Ultimate Preparation Guide

Just before the coronavirus arrived, I got the chance to hike for a month on various parts of the Israel National Trail, or in Hebrew, “Shvil Israel.” I was traveling with a large group of people, so when we reached the middle of the trail, the restrictions stopped us. The first half was incredible, and … Read more

Parking in Israel: All You Need to Know

Should you rent a car when traveling in Israel? If you only plan to visit the main cities, there’s no need to rent a car. There’s good public transportation in the tourist areas of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and other central cities. Also, parking could be a headache in those places. If you plan to venture outside the big … Read more

Christmas in Israel: The Top Places to Celebrate

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas, which will be celebrated like every year on the 25th of December. If you’re planning to be in Israel this Christmas, here are the top places to celebrate Christmas and what you can do in each: Notice: This year we’re celebrating Christmas during the COVID-19 pandemic, so … Read more

Jellyfish in Tel Aviv: When and How to Deal With Them


The Israeli summer usually begins in June. Along with the crazy heat and humidity also come the jellyfish. The most common ones, which arrive at Tel Aviv and other cities along the Israeli coast, are the nomad jellyfish. And they LOVE the warm and pleasant water in Israel, just like we do!  The “Meduzot B’Am” project has created a great … Read more

Top Annual Events in Israel – July to December

Israel is a very festive country, full of festivals, events and holidays all year round. In this post I want to tell you about the top annual festivals and events in Israel from July to December (I’ve also written about the top annual festivals and events in Israel from January to June). Even if you … Read more

Shabbat in Jerusalem: What’s Open?

Just a few...

Shabbat is the holy day of the week for the Jewish people. It begins on Friday eve and ends on Saturday night. So, you can call it Saturday. Because Israel is a Jewish democratic state, most businesses and public transportation follow the Shabbat religious laws. This means that most public transportation does not operate on Shabbat. Also, … Read more

Full Guide to Public Transportation in Israel

One of the main questions people ask before arriving in an unknown land is “How will I get around?” In Israel you can choose to explore the country by joining an organized tour, by renting a car, or by using the different types of public transportation. In this post I’m going to try and make … Read more

3 to 5 Days in Eilat: Travel Ideas

Sunny Eilat

Soon flights will start landing in the new Ramon International Airport, which is situated about 20 km north of Eilat. Until then, flights are still landing in Ovda Airport, 60 km away from Eilat, which only makes it a little bit longer to reach the sunny city at the southern tip of Israel. Eilat lies … Read more

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