Beit Guvrin National Park: A Beautiful Day Trip from Jerusalem

The Israel Pass has been launched a few months ago. This card combines the Rav Kav public transportation card with reduced tickets to national parks in Israel. And this made me think about the public transportation leading to those national parks. Is it easy to reach the parks by public transportation? Or is it better … Read more

Camping in Israel: The Basics

One of the most expensive aspects of a trip to Israel is the accommodation. So in this guide, I’m going to focus on camping in Israel, which is one of the affordable ways to stay in Israel. Where can you camp, how much should you expect to pay, and some basic guidelines- all in this … Read more

Hiking in the Eilat Mountains to Beautiful En Netafim

On the last day of the Passover holiday, my family and I drove up to the Eilat Mountains to try one of the many hiking trails, which we haven’t tried yet. We chose to hike the circular trail to En Netafim, which partly overlaps the Israel National Trail. It’s a 3.5-km trail, that takes you … Read more

Birds, Agriculture and Ancient Wells Just Outside Eilat

 Most people come to Eilat to enjoy the fantastic sea and the colorful mountains, but there are also some interesting points in the Arava. The Arava is the narrow region that spreads all the way from the south of the Dead Sea to Eilat. It’s the long yellowish plain between the Negev Mountains (on the … Read more

Hiking Down the Carmel Through Wadi Kelah and Galim

The tznirim

The Carmel is one of the most beautiful mountains in Israel, rising to a height of around 550 meters above the magnificent Haifa Bay. During Chol Hamoed Sukkot, my family and I decided to hike down part of the mountain, through the beautiful Wadi Kelah and Wadi Galim. It is about a 6.5-km trail, that is … Read more

Half a Day Around Beit She’arim National Park

Alexander Zaid on His Horse

Beit She’arim National Park is one of the most famous sites in the Lower Galilee area. It was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015 due to its significance to Jewish history and due to its magnificent necropolis, “city of dead”. Beit She’arim was where Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi, one of the most important … Read more

Sataf: Beautiful Hiking Trails Just Outside Jerusalem

Sataf, a short drive from Jerusalem, is a beautiful site combining ancient history and wonderful views, situated in the Mountains of Jerusalem. This is where you can discover ancient agricultural techniques and see in your very own eyes ancient agriculture terraces, dating back to the Second Temple era, still functioning today. There are also two … Read more

Camping Sites in and Around Eilat

Where can I camp in Eilat? – That’s a question I hear a lot lately. Eilat is full of hotels and even has some great hostels in it, but what if you’re on a very tight budget and don’t have much money for accommodation? In this case, you might want to know about the camping … Read more

Celebrating Anemones in the North-Western Negev

February is the month of the anemones in Israel. Tens of thousands of anemones bloom in bright red colors and paint many parts of Israel in red, especially the north-western part of the Negev region. During whole February, there is a festival dedicated to those beautiful flowers, a festival called “Darom Adom” or in translation … Read more

Hiking in the Eilat Mountains: From Mount Yoash to Mount Zefahot

My aunt and uncle are crazy about the Israel National Trail. They want to hike all the trails that make up the Israel National Trail, one at a time. At the end of the Chanukah holiday, they decided to come to Eilat and hike the final part of the National Trail: from Mount Yoash to … Read more

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