4-Days Hike on the Ramot Menashe Regional Trail

Many claim that Ramot Menashe, known in English as the Menashe Heights, is one of the most beautiful regions in Israel. Spread between Mount Carmel and Mount Amir, this area is full of flowers and endless meadows, natural water springs, and streams. Just before Passover, at the peak of springtime, my friends and I decided … Read more

Hiking Mount Carmel on the Israel National Trail

After a weird night in Yagur, we had to decide – should we hike today or not. The rain had stopped a few hours before, but Ayelet, Nitai, and I were lacking hours of sleep. After thinking about it for a while, we decided to hike up Mount Carmel. “If we’ll get tired, we can … Read more

Hiking the Israel National Trail: From Mashad to the Hermits Mill

The alarm clock rang, and we didn’t get up. After hiking from the Jordan River to Kfar Kisch, we were completely exhausted and our bodies just couldn’t rise from the mattresses. I looked to my left and right and murmured: “Do you want to skip today?” “Yes, yes,” they mumbled back. So, our plans changed. … Read more

Hiking the Israel National Trail: From Gesher Alma to Horvat Hamama

After completing the segment from Nabi Yusha to Gesher Alma, we were quite tired and broken. We were all girls, and it isn’t so easy to carry about 12 kilos along a 14-km trail. But we didn’t want to give up after a day, so we woke up early in the morning and continued to … Read more

Hiking the Israel National Trail: From Nabi Yusha to Gesher Alma

Four months have passed since my last hike on the Israel National Trail. Last time, I completed the second segment from Kfar Giladi to Nahal Kedesh. It was summer back then, so it was too hot to continue. This time, my friends and I decided to start hiking from mid-October, which was quite ideal. We … Read more

Hiking the Israel National Trail: From Kfar Giladi to Nahal Kedesh

The Israel National Trail, which is about 1,000 km long, is the most popular hiking trail in Israel. After my friends and I completed the first segment from Kibbutz Dan to Kfar Giladi, we continued to the second part of the trail. It takes you upwards, to the ridge of the Naftali Mountains, and offers … Read more

Beit Guvrin National Park: A Beautiful Day Trip from Jerusalem

The Israel Pass has been launched a few months ago. This card combines the Rav Kav public transportation card with reduced tickets to national parks in Israel. And this made me think about the public transportation leading to those national parks. Is it easy to reach the parks by public transportation? Or is it better … Read more

A Walk Through Ancient Caesarea

Caesarea is one of the top sites in Israel and is worth the entrance fee if you’re interested in archeology and ancient architecture. I’ve visited Caesarea many times in my life. In Caesarea you can enjoy the beautiful sea, the wonderful sun, the excellent ice cream and of course, the outstanding archeological findings. When coming … Read more

Apollonia National Park: Archeology Along the Coast

The Beautiful Flowers of Apollonia

(and how to pay less to get in) Israel is full of nature, history, and archeology. Within only 470 km of length and 135 km of width, you can find 70 magnificent nature reserves and national parks. One of those parks is Apollonia National Park, located along the seashore, near Herzliya, on a very impressive … Read more

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