So… what’s going on in Israel this summer? If you’re planning on comming to Israel not only to explore the beautiful sites, but also to enjoy some of Israel’s best festivals, here are a few of the top festivals I found about, that are coming up this July and August:

Light Festival in Jerusalem: A beautiful festival, full of colorful lights and visual affects, decorating the Old City of Jerusalem. There are different paths you can choose from, and the entrance is completely free! I’ve been to this festival before and really recommend it!

When? 28th of June to 6th of July from 20:00 till 23:00, on Saturday from 21:00 till midnight. Friday June 30th is closed.

The offical website: Light Festival Jerusalem.

Watch the festival from last year:


Hutzot Hayotzer Festival – This festival takes place every year in the Sultan’s Pool area in Jerusalem. You can come in to shop for special handmade things (jewelery, puzzles, wallets, small sulptures for decoration and so on) and ethnical items (because people from all around the world usually come to this festival to sell their special clothes, objects, jewelery and such). You can also purchase a ticket in advance to one of the many musical performances taking place during the festival and get a special opportunity to get to know some LIVE Israeli music. I’ve been to this festival a few times and it’s one of the best I’ve ever been to! The entrance to the festival costs around 60 Shekels for an adult. If you want to watch a performance, it will cost you more. Check out the prices beforehand.

When? August. The specific dates aren’t known yet. It takes place during the evenings.

The offical website:  Hutzot Hayotzer Festival.

Get a look at the festival from 2013:


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I also recommend you check out the Free Saturday Tours taking place in Jerusalem every Saturday, even during the Summer! Every week is a different tour, and every tour is 3 hours long. Check the tours out – here.


Tzfat Klezmer Festival – If you enjoy soul music, this festival is your chance to experience the biggest Jewish soul music event in the world. During the festival you can also enjoy free tours of the ancient city of Tzfat, one of the most beautiful towns in Israel, located up above in the Upper Galilee. Believe me, hearing music in Tzfat is a magical experience!

When? 22-24 of August.

The official website: Tzfat Klezmer Festival.

A taste from the festival:


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For more about Tzfat – Five Things that Make Tzfat Special.


Red Sea Jazz Festival – Another great musical festival in Israel, this time in the beautiful, seashore, sunny city of Eilat. If you’re into jazz, you can pick from tens of performances taking place during this cool festival. You should purchase tickets beforehand to the shows you want to see.

When? 27-30 of August.

The official website: Red Sea Jazz Festival.

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I will add info to this post as more and more festivals come up. Meanwhile, enjoy! (:

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