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Beerot Campground: Sleeping in the Ramon Crater

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Beerot Campground, or Khan Beerot, is one of the leading campgrounds run by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority. It lies in the beautiful scenery of the Ramon Crater, the world’s largest erosion crater. In January, I stayed a night at this campground. Yes, I froze a bit, but overall, was really impressed by the facilities. So, if you’re searching for an established and maintained campground in Ramon Crater, this might be it. For individuals and families, it’s open only on Thursdays-Saturdays and Jewish holidays.

Here’s a summary of my stay at Beerot Campground.

A short summary about Beerot Campground

Location: 5 Stars – The location is perfect for nature lovers, who want to experience the peacefulness of the desert. It’s located about a 10-minutes drive from one of the crater’s most popular trails, the Nekarot Horseshoe. And other trails are nearby, too.

Cleanliness: 5 Stars – When staying at a campground you can’t expect to have a sterile setting. There’s sand and those kinds of things. But the cleanliness of the place was outstanding. The toilets were clean, the showers were clean, and all the other facilities were spotless.

Staff: 4 Stars – The check-in process took a bit long because the guy at the counter had to go do something else. But other than that, the staff were very friendly and welcoming. One of the staff members gave me tips on how to keep myself warm during the night.

Security: 3 Stars – Like many campgrounds, there’s no security guard at the entrance. So, I don’t think anyone can guarantee that no one will come during the night and do something. But because the campground is in a quite remote location, I wasn’t too worried.

Facilities: 5 Stars – There’s a camping fee at Beerot Campground, so we expected good quality facilities. And the facilities were good. There was plenty of toilets and plenty of showers with hot water. There was also lighting, mobile phone charging units, and drinking taps. For cooking and warming up, there are designated places for bonfires, barbeque, and picnic tables. They also told us that we can keep food items in a refrigerator, but we didn’t use it.

Atmosphere: 5 Stars – The atmosphere was fun and peaceful. Many people were camping on site, but we didn’t feel crowded. There are also amazing sunsets here, so it really upgrades the experience.

Value for Money: 5 Stars – It costs 55 ILS per adult and there’s a discounted price for families. Compared to other established campgrounds that require camping fee in Israel, it isn’t too expensive. And you get a lot. So, I think the value is good.

Bottom Line:

Be’erot Campground fits into the splendid landscape of Ramon Crater. It’s a perfect place to stay for those who want to stay close to nature and experience the desert overnight. Sunsets are fantastic. Because there’s a bit of light, it might be hard to view the stars. Maybe when everyone goes to sleep.

Book a stay at Be’erot Campground through the Israel Nature and Parks Authority website.

A detailed review of Beerot Campground


The location is perfect for nature lovers, who want to experience the Ramon Crater. It is located in the northern part of Ramon Crater, and far from road number 40. It seems like in the middle of nowhere, encompassed by the desert landscape.  

Khan Saharonim is about a 10-minute drive. It is an optional starting point for the famous Nekarot Horseshoe Trail. We started it from a different location and did the long hike to the Nekarot Horseshoe. A bit farther away, about a 20-minute drive from the campground, you can reach the start of the trail to Shen Ramon.  Another popular place is the Minsara, also about 20 minutes away from the campground.  

Camping options

The cheapest option is to bring your own tent and set it up in one of the designated areas. Other options include renting a family tent including mattresses or staying in a heated camp. The heated camp option opens only if there’s a minimum of 7 campers.

The facilities

Everything outside your tent is a common area. The campground has several structures, which consist of a low stone wall and a sheltering cover. You can set up your tent in one of those structures, and then might experience less wind, sun, and raindrops. My friend told me that it will help me with the cold, but I still felt cold all night. So, don’t count on it. If you’re camping in winter, bring warm clothes and a good insulating tent.

Inside the structures, there are also several electricity plugs, where you can charge your mobile phones. And you can choose to keep the light on or off in the structure.

Next to the structures, there are picnic tables, barbeque facilities, and designated places for bonfires. A bit farther away, there are the toilets, showers, and washing sinks. The showers are very spacious. There’s a small chair where you can put your stuff and also some hooks for hanging. And the water is HOT, which is great!

There’s also a kiosk, that operates from 8 AM to 10:30 PM. They sell soft drinks, ice cream, snacks, and also some more essential things, like wood for the campfire, maps, and hats. You can also rent mattresses at 10 ILS per mattress. We didn’t rent the mattresses and regretted it.

It was freezing when we stayed there, so we used the car as a refrigerator. But if you want to store anything in a refrigerator, it’s possible.

The Beerot Campground during the day
The Be’erot Campground during the day


When we arrived, we had to go pay for the stay at the campground’s counter. The man who was there had to go do something else, so we had to wait for someone else to come and do the check-in. We had tried to contact them a day before, but they didn’t answer the phone. “Yes,” they told us, “That’s because we’re always outside doing something. It’s better to send an email.”

The staff were very friendly. One of them tried to give me a tip that will help me stay warm during the night. He said, “Try to shove all your clothes into the sleeping bag.” I didn’t do it at the end, but maybe it works.

Bottom line

Beerot Campground is a high-quality campground in the Ramon Crater. It is run by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, so there’s a camping fee and there are facilities. I enjoyed my stay, despite the cold. Everything was tidy, clean, and well organized. And the scenery is splendid!

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Review written in February 2022. My stay in Beerot Campground was part of a personal trip and was not sponsored by the INPA or any organization. 

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