Backpack Israel

Travel Israel on a Budget


Shalom everyone and welcome to Backpack Israel!

Wikipedia defines “backpacking” as “a form of low cost, independent travel. It includes the use of public transport, inexpensive lodging such as youth hostels, often a longer duration of the trip when compared with conventional vacations, and typically an interest in meeting locals as well as seeing sights.”

Backpack Israel is meant to help you travel Israel on a budget and see it a bit from a local’s point of view. I hope you’ll love it like I do!

About Me:

My name is Lior and I’ve been travelling Israel and the world from a very-very young age. I’ve also been working as a travel writer for the Hebrew travel site,, since 2012 and I am a certified Israeli tour guide since February 2019. I opened Backpack Israel in 2016 after I understood there’s not enough info on the web for independent travelers to Israel. Hope there’s a bit more info now 🙂

Read more about why I decided to open Backpack Israel here – Backpack Israel – The Beginning. 

Want to contact me? Send me a message through the following form or email me at

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  1. ps. Just been looking at more of your blog, and it’s really a great idea! To travel while you’re young is always a good idea. I’m assuming that you’re now older and wiser?


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