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A New App for Israel Travel

by backpackisrael
Published: Updated: 5 minutes read

Article Update – 3 November 2019

Hello everyone! Would like to tell you about a new travel app focusing on Israel, which might help you before and during your trip to Israel. Its name is “Travel Israel by Travelkosh”.

Get Travel Israel by Travelkosh on Google Play 

The app is completely free to download!

Travel Israel by Travelkosh

How am I connected to this app?

This app is a creation of both myself and the Travelkosh team. The Indian-based startup, Travelkosh, has been creating travel apps for India for the past four years. After the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, visited Israel in 2017, they’ve realized that Israel could be a great destination for the Indian – and worldwide – crowd.

Deepak Jain, the founder of the Travelkosh startup, contacted me through Backpack Israel and asked if I would like to help him create an app for incoming tourism to Israel. I thought it would be a great way to get more people to learn about Israel and maybe pack their bags and come see my wonderful country!

For the last two years I have been writing the content for the app and meeting some of the top tourism authorities in Israel, including the Jerusalem Development Authority, the Tel Aviv Global & Tourism, and Diesenhaus Unitours, to make sure that we get the best info and services on our app.

What I want you to get is an app that has everything  under one roof – useful information, activities, hotels and more! I want to give you information that you can trust and learn from.

More about the app:

This app is meant to make your life easier while planning your trip to Israel. Here are the main things you can do through the app:

  • Get inspired. Check out the Must Do page to learn about the top experiences you can experience while in Israel.
  • Understand the different Places of Israel. Check out the Places page to discover the many different regions of Israel and see what are the top attractions you can do in each place.
  • Check out our trip ideas. They might help you plan your upcoming trip according to your interests! You can also send a query regarding one of the trip ideas and get a price quote.
  • Book local activities. We showcase wonderful activities, which are operated by local people in Israel. These activities were handpicked by us and offer you great experiences in Israel. In most activities you have an option to directly connect with the operatorto ask any question you might have before the final booking.
  • Chat with us (the Experts). Use the Experts tab to chat with us and ask anything you would like to know about Israel. We’ll be happy to try to help you plan a perfect trip and will also be happy to be there if you need anything during your travel!
  • Read our Guide. Learn more about visas, weather, public transportation, safety, history and much more in the Israel Guide (under the “drawer” and in the “Explore” section).
Book activities on Travel Israel by Travelkosh

What do we have in mind for the future?  

This is only the beginning. As I’ve already mentioned, this app will include everything you need under one roof. This means we’re going to add stay options soon, as well as recommended restaurants and shops! And for us backpackers – we’re going to expand the Backpacking in Israel Trip Ideas with more suggested itineraries, show camping sites and tell you all you need to know about public transportation.

Do you have ideas for things that we should add to the app? Feel free to tell me in the comments or contact us through our Facebook Page.

And… don’t forget to pass on the word and let other people, who are planning their trip, learn about Travel Israel by Travelkosh.

Have a wonderful day!



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israeltourguide1 January 3, 2019 - 9:09 am

A very good app that help you manage your trip plan. Few things need to be added. Small direction map need to be added. Overall its a very good app.

lkenl January 3, 2019 - 9:16 am

Hi, thank you very much for your feedback. I really appreciate it! I will be happy to hear more from you in private. Will send you a message via your blog. Thanks again (:


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