Eurovision Week starts today – May 12, 2019 – and this year Tel Aviv is the host. Tel Aviv is one of the most vibrant and amazing cities in the world, with beautiful beaches and crazy nightlife. If you’re in Tel Aviv for the Eurovision Week, here are the things you can do in Tel Aviv on each day of the week:

May 12 – Enjoy a Drink for Only 10 ILS!

Begin your Eurovision Week with a drink! Drinks in Israel are usually not cheap, but on the Eurovision Week you can enjoy a cup of wine/ one-third beer/ shot for only 10 ILS at participating venues. Check out the list of participating venues here.

A drink for 10 ILS in Tel Aviv

May 13 – Take a Bike Tour Along the Coastline

On the second day of the week, enjoy the great weather and leave from Tel Aviv Port on a fun biking tour along Tel Aviv’s coastline. On the way, you’ll see some of the amazing beaches, markets and interesting corners that Tel Aviv has to offer.

The tour costs 50 ILS pp. You can book a place here.

Bike Tour in Tel Aviv

May 14 – Go Pic Your Flag

On the third day of the week it’s time to take a pic with your national flag. All you need to do is go to the Tel Aviv City Hall, which is located at Rabin Square, and use a special app to make your flag appear on the building’s facade with the help of a unique LED lighting system. Then you can ask someone to take a photo of you with the flag or just do a selfie.

This is the City Hall at daytime. Photo Credit:
ד”ר אבישי טייכר, מתוך אתר פיקיויקי

May 15 – Get Some Exercise

After three days of chilling out in Tel Aviv, it’s time to get some exercise. On May 15 of the Eurovision Week the Sarona Colony compound, which was once one of the German colonies in Israel, will host a huge outdooor spinning party with great music and fun energies.

The party has two sessions, one at 8:00PM and the second at 9:15PM. It costs 50 ILS to enter. Get your tickets here.

May 16 – White Night in Tel Aviv

One of the biggest cultural events in Tel Aviv happens to fall this year on the Eurovision week. The White Night begins when the sun sets and continues throughout the night until it rises. Throughout the night you can stroll along the main streets of Tel Aviv and enjoy dozens of performances, shows and activities.

Entrance to White Night events is free. Get more info here.

May 17 – Experience Shabbat Dinner with Locals

Shabbat, the holy day of the Jewish people, begins on Friday eve and lasts until Saturday eve. If you’re in Tel Aviv on Friday eve and don’t have any special plans for the evening, I would definately recommend joining a Shabbat dinner at a local home. For many Jews, Friday dinner is the most important dinner of the week.

There is a reasonable price of 50 ILS for participating in the dinner. You can find local hosts for Shabbat dinner at EatWith.

Screenshot taken from

May 18 – Go Cheer Your Candidates!

The Grand Final will take place on May 18 at 9PM (Israel Time). The Tel Aviv Municipality will operate free shuttle lines to the contest on Saturday (Shabbat), so you can easily go cheer your candidates before and during the grand final!

Have a great Eurovision Week!

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