Israel is a beautiful and highly interesting place to visit, but is also quite expensive for the average backpacker. In this post I’ve gathered some money saving tickets and codes I’ve come across throughout the years, that might make your trip to Israel a bit more affordable. If you know of any others, don’t hesitate to contact me through my Facebook Page. I’ll be happy to expand the list!

Money Saving Tickets for Israel:

The Israel Pass:

If you want to travel easy and also save a bit, you might want to check out the Israel Pass. It gives you entry to 3 or 6 national parks in Israel and can also be used as a Rav Kav for public transportation (though, you need to load it with cash to be able to use it on public transportation). It’s conventient because it gives you 2 things in one ticket (national parks entry and public transportation card), but if you really want to save money – you might want to get the Rav Kav seperately and the money saving tickets of the INPA (take a look at the headline below).

For more indo about the Israel Pass, enter the Israel Pass official site.

National Parks and Nature Reserves Money Saving Tickets:


If you plan to visit some of Israel’s beautiful national parks and nature reserves, you might find these tickets useful. There are 3 types of tickets: the Blue Card (giving you access to 3 parks for 78 ILS), the Green Card (giving you access to 6 parks for 110 ILS) and the Orange Card (giving you access to unlimited number of parks for 150 ILS). The card is valid for two weeks from the first visit and can be purchased at some of the main national parks and nature reserves, including Caesarea National Park, Masada National Park, En Gedi National Park and Eilat Coral Beach National Park.

When purchasing the card, take into consideration that some parks are more expensive than others. To make the Blue Card worth the cost, you should visit parks that cost at least 28 ILS each. Many parks charge that amount, so it’s worth it.

For more info, check out the National Parks and Nature Reserves official website.

Get special offers with the Secret Tel Aviv VIP Card:

Screenshot from Secret Tel Aviv official website
Screenshot from Secret Tel Aviv official website

It seems like Secret Tel Aviv has some great offers for those who use their VIP Card. Most discounts or offers are available for restaurants and bars in Tel Aviv, less for activities. The best part about this card is that it’s free! You just need to fill in their form or pickup the card from their pickup point.

For more info, check out the Secret Tel Aviv official website. Read until the end of their page, because they also have a 5% discount code for Abraham Tours.

Discover the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem Old City with the JTicket: 

One of the most interesting, but less travelled area of the Old City is the Jewish Quarter. If you want to discover its different sites, you might want to get the JTicket, a useful card made by the Company for the Rehabilitiation and Development of the Jewish Quarter. The card costs 75 ILS for an adult and 45 ILS for a child (age 5-18) and offers you entrance to 4 of the Jewish Quarter’s attractions, including the Davidson Center, the Ramparts Walk, the Hurva Synagogue, the Burnt House and the Herodian Quarter. It also grants you discounts to many places in the Jewish Quarter, including restaurants and shops. The amount of money you save depends on which attractions you choose, but you will probably save at least 5 ILS.

For more info and to purchase, enter the Jewish Quarter official website and read more about the JTicket.

Explore Jerusalem for less with the JLM Pass:

JLM Pass - screenshot from the official site
JLM Pass – screenshot from the official site

If you plan to stay in Jerusalem for more than one day, this JLM Pass might be useful. The pass offers free or discounted entrance to some of the city’s attractions for a whole week. There are three types of passes: (1) JLM All Included, that also includes transfer from and to Ben Gurion Airport and free public transportation in Jeruslaem (and costs 68 USD), (2) JLM Plus, which does not include transfer from and to Ben Gurion Airport, but includes public transportation in Jerusalem (and costs 53 USD), and (3) JLM Cultural, which only includes the free and discounted sites, without any transportation (and costs 40 USD).

Is it worth it? Let me break it down for you:

  • The ride from Ben Gurion International Airport costs about 4 USD one way.
  • Taking one light rail/ bus ride will cost about 1.5 USD.
  • The Israel Museum entrance fee is about 14 USD, but with the pass you get to enter for free. You will probably have to use public transportation to get to and from the museum, so add about 3 USD, and that’s about 17 USD saved.
  • The Ramparts Walk entrance fee is about 5 USD, but with the pass you get to walk it for free. It’s in the Old City, so if your hostel is close by, you can easily walk there.
  • Zedekiah’s Cave entrance fee is about 5 USD, but with the pass you get to enter for free. It’s near Damascus Gate, so if your hostel is close by, you can easily walk there.
  • The other attractions in the pass have discounts. My recommended attractions are the Night Spectacular Sound & Light Show at Tower of David Museum (with the pass you’ll save about 3 USD) and The Hebrew Music Museum (with the pass you’ll save about 3 USD).

I recommend you check out the list of attractions in the pass and see if it fits your needs. Check it out here – the JLM Pass. I think this pass is the best for family travellers, because it includes many attractions that are great for kids.

Money Saving Codes for Israel: 

Save 5% on your second hostel with the ILH Card:

Screenshot from ILH official website
Screenshot from ILH official website

If you plan to stay in hostels in Israel, you might be able to get some discount on your second booking. If you choose to stay at one of the ILH Hostels, you can use the ILH Card to get 5% discount on your second hostel booking. Get the card at your first hostel! Want to know more? Read about it in their official website – ILH Card.

Go on a D-TLV Pub Crawl for just 60 ILS:

D-TLV Pub Crawl

This code was given to Backpack Israel by D-TLV Pub Crawl, to help backpackers have a great time in Tel Aviv at an affordable price. Thanks D-TLV! To use the code, enter the D-TLV ticket site , choose your preferred date (Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays) and then put in the promotional code (it’s on the photo above). Enjoy a great night out in Tel Aviv!

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