Want to join a great project? 

My country, Israel, is full of wonders: historic buildings, important religious sites, beautiful landscapes and beautiful people. But for some reason we’re having trouble getting tourists into Israel (in 2014 only 3,250,000 travelers entered Israel, while in that same year 62 milion people visited Spain and 4.5 milion visited Jordan) . Some say it’s because of the security condition, some say that it’s because we’re super expensive and others say that we have a marketing problem. We don’t know how to advertise Israel. Our Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Foreign Affairs don’t get enough budget for advertising our beautiful country. Our tourism-advertising campaigns suck. They don’t rise. So… maybe we should look for another way?

Project “Say ‘Israel’!”

I want to show people the beautiful sides of Israel, but there’s an old Hebrew saying: “The baker cannot testify about his own dough.” That is – I can’t really tell you about Israel in an objective way. I will always be attached. That’s why I need youTo tell the world what you found in Israel, what you liked about Israel, what you disliked about it, what’s the best place to visit here and… just what Israel made you feel (if anything).

This project is not just meant to show foreigns what Israel is really about, but is also meant to show the local Israelis what they have just under their noses. I feel that sometimes we don’t really appreciate what we have and we have know idea what a lot of people think of us.

So if you’re planning to visit Israel soon or have already visited – come join my project!

What do I need from you? 

There are a couple of ways you can help with the project:

  • Send me a post about your experience in Israel (at least 600 words long) and I’ll publish it as a guest-post in my blog (if it’s written well, of course).
  • Answer a few of my questions – You can either meet me for a recorded interview or answer my questions via E-mail if your already back home. The interview takes just 5-10 minutes (or more, if you’d like) and will be published on my blog. I will ask you if you let me publish the recording of our interview. If not, I’ll just write it down. If you have a blog, I’ll be happy to link to it.
  • Become part of a short film – If you’re really cool, you can let me film our chat about Israel. I don’t know exactly what I’ll do with the videos, but my initial plan is to make a short film out of them, telling about Israel from a visitor’s point of view.

For more info – Contact me and I’ll be back to you! Or post something in the comments (:

Thank you so much!


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