I’ve been writing for a major Hebrew travel site for over four years now. When we write about events taking place abroad, my manager asks me to write only about the events that will interest the Israeli tourists. And then I need to look over the events I found and think… will this interest them? Will that interest them? Because most of the events interest me.

Lately I’ve been thinking… what interests tourists coming to Israel?

I’m hosting coachsurfers from around the world, and most of them visit not only Eilat, but also Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. They stop by Masada and the Dead Sea, of course. But rarely do they go to Be’er Sheva or Haifa. Most of them have only a week or a few days, and so they skip the North. That’s a pity. The North is beautiful. But I guess that most tourists coming to Israel prefer seeing the culture and the history, and those can be found mainly in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv-Jaffa. You can find some history in Acre, too, but that’s in the North. So is the Sea of Galilee.

When I host travelers in Eilat, I always ask myself what should I show them. I take them to the promenade and we stroll along the beaches, because that’s what I love to do. Then I tell them to go snorkeling, because you can’t leave Eilat without taking a look underwater. I drive them through the many roundabouts we have in the civil city, because they are very artistic. And if they come on the right day, I take them to the Musical Fountain, just because it’s a great way to finish the day. When I drive them around the roundabouts I wonder if they’re really interested. I love the roundabouts, but I don’t know if you can call them an “attraction”.

Do you prefer to see the major attractions (the “must-sees”) or would you like to find some time to also see some “roundabouts” (traffic-circles)?