Around October last year, the Palestinians started talking about the fact that Jewish Israeli people are entering Temple Mount and praying there. This isn’t new, of course. Jewish people have been praying on Temple Mount for years, but maybe someone prayed too loudly, or maybe the Palestinians were just looking for reason to start a fight. After all, cousins fight. And so , they were outraged. “The Jewish Israelis are invading  Al Aqsa!” they cried, referring, of course, to the mosque situated on the Temple Mount. The Jewish Israelis, on the opposing side, said that they have a right to pray on Temple Mount, too. After all, the Temple Mount is holy to both of us – Jewish and Muslim people. But no, the Palestinians stated that we have no right to enter and pray on Temple Mount.


The “Terror Wave” started around October last year. Young Palestinians, who have heard about the “Invasion of Al Aqsa” through the media, decided to try to solve the issue with force. 20, 19, 18, 17 year old Palestinians started stabbing people in Jerusalem, mainly people who looked Jewish (you can’t miss them, with their black and white uniform, big black hats and beards). It happened once or twice or even three times a day. An individual Palestinian chose his or her target and just started stabbing. They didn’t care who the person they were stabbing was, if he ever entered Temple Mount or ever shouted against the Palestinians. Because they were brainwashed. Every one of the Jewish Israelis is, in their point of view, taking part in the “Invasion of Al Aqsa” and therefore, has to die. The truth is that I’m an Israeli Jewish person and I’ve never set foot in Temple Mount, and I’ve never thought of hurting a Palestinian.


The “Terror Wave” went on and it got worse. Now the stabbers were even younger. 15, 14, 13 and 12 year old boys and girls, stabbing innocent people in the streets or policemen that were just doing their job protecting those innocent people. Stabbing badly, sometimes even killing people. Young boys and girls with blood on their hands. It’s crazy, and sad. When those boys and girls starting stabbing people, our policemen and soldiers shot them. They shouldn’t have died, but the innocent people shouldn’t have died either. And all those lives could have been spared if only the media and schools wouldn’t have encouraged those young people to come and stab people to death, “in the name of Allah.”


The “Terror Wave” still goes on. Taylor Force was stabbed to death on Tuesday, not in Jersualem, but in Jaffa. The stabber was a 22 year old Palestinian, who was working in Israel illegally. He just ran all the way from the Clock Tower, along the Jaffa promenade and stabbed anyone who stood in his way. Force had nothing to do with the “Invasion of Al Aqsa”. But it doesn’t matter, because terror doesn’t have eyes or brains.


Force was an American tourist in Israel. We were all shocked that the terrorist stabbed tourists. Yes, not only Force was stabbed, but also a few more tourists, not only from America. But that shouldn’t stop you from coming to Israel. Terror can happen anywhere, and when the terror is made up of individuals stabbing people, then it’s just a matter of luck.

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In my next posts I will write about happier subjects. I just felt that you should know a bit about what is going on right now in Israel, if you’re planning to visit or just are interested.


P.S – “Terror Wave” is in quotation marks because it’s a very long wave!