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Welcome to Backpack Israel. I’m Lior, a proud Israeli, a backpacker and a licensed tour guide. I believe everyone should be able to travel on a budget. With Backpack Israel I hope to make your upcoming trip to Israel easier and more affordable.

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Hiking the Israel National Trail: From Gesher Alma to Horvat Hamama

After completing the segment from Nabi Yusha to Gesher Alma, we were quite tired and broken. We were all girls, and it isn’t so easy to carry about 12 kilos along a 14-km trail. But we didn’t want to give up after a day, so we woke up early in the morning and continued to […]

Hiking the Israel National Trail: From Nabi Yusha to Gesher Alma

Four months have passed since my last hike on the Israel National Trail. Last time, I completed the second segment from Kfar Giladi to Nahal Kedesh. It was summer back then, so it was too hot to continue. This time, my friends and I decided to start hiking from mid-October, which was quite ideal. We […]

The Israel National Trail: Ultimate Preparation Guide

Just before the coronavirus arrived, I got the chance to hike for a month on various parts of the Israel National Trail, or in Hebrew, “Shvil Israel.” I was travelling with a large group of people, so when we reached the middle of the trail, the restrictions stopped us. The first half was incredible, and […]


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