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Welcome to Backpack Israel. I’m Lior, a proud Israeli, a backpacker and a licensed tour guide. I believe everyone should be able to travel on a budget. With Backpack Israel I hope to make your upcoming trip to Israel easier and more affordable.

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Hiking the Israel National Trail: From Ein Hod to Ofer Junction

The other day we were too exhausted to hike all the way to Ein Hod. Instead, we took a bus to the Ein Hod Junction and found our Trail Angel’s place nearby, at the bottom of the village. We quickly made dinner and fell asleep the moment we put our heads on the mattresses. Then, […]

Hiking Mount Carmel on the Israel National Trail

After a weird night in Yagur, we had to decide – should we hike today or not. The rain had stopped a few hours before, but Ayelet, Nitai, and I were lacking hours of sleep. After thinking about it for a while, we decided to hike up Mount Carmel. “If we’ll get tired, we can […]

Hiking the Israel National Trail: From the Hermits’ Mill to Yagur

We arrived at the Hermits’ Mill the other day, and now we were headed to Kibbutz Yagur. We woke up very early after a wonderful night at Abu Atef’s Agricultural Hospitality place and started making our way along the beautiful Zippori Stream. The segment from the Hermits’ Mill to Yagur quickly leaves the banks of […]


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