Welcome to Backpack Israel. I’m Lior, a proud Israeli, a backpacker and a licensed tour guide. I believe everyone should be able to travel on a budget. With Backpack Israel I hope to make your upcoming trip to Israel easier and more affordable.

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5 Ways to Celebrate Channukah in Israel

Channukah is the Jewish “Festival of Lights.” In recent years, I’ve learned that many religions celebrate holidays connected to light during November or December, the wintertime months. This is because during those months, the darkness comes earlier during the day, and people wanted to drive it away. In Channukah, we sing the song “Banu Choshech … Read more

Ein Prat

Ein Prat: A Beautiful Walk in a Desert Oasis

I’ve always wanted to go to Ein Prat Nature Reserve but heard that it’s hard to get there by public transportation. It’s located in the Judean Desert, below the Jewish settlement of Almon. “To get there,” my friend once told me, “You will need to hike all the way down a steep curvy road, and … Read more


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